Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

I hope all you moms out there had a fantastic Mother's Day. I know mine was pretty darn good. Now that these gifts have been handed out I can post pictures of them. Yay!

I made two lined zippered pouches: one for my mom and one for my sister. I've made these before but I needed a refresher course so I used this online tutorial.

For my mom I used a turquoise blue linen and embroidered a cute little bird. This bird gave me some trouble and I actually tried it two other ways before this one. I'm very happy with how it ended up except you can see the (permanent) transfer pen I used to put the design on.

For my sister I used purple linen and embroidered a cute sleeping kitty. This is actually an applique out of felt which I then embroidered on top of. I thought the kitty would be better white than purple. Also I used a separate piece of felt for the tail so I could overlap the body piece and give it more dimension. Once again very cute but I wish I had taken more time on the ears and made them look a little better.

I wish I had thought to take a picture of the insides of these since I lined them with pretty colorful fabrics. All and all I thought they turned out pretty darn good for my first embroidery project. And the recipients like them and isn't that the most important part!

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