Monday, August 17, 2009

For Willow

My baby sister, Willow, turned 24 last week. She is very passionate about baking so I decided to make her an apron. A fun frilly 1950's style apron. I found Simplicity pattern 2592 perfect for the job especially since it's a recreation of one of their old patterns from their archives. I used a fabric from feathery florals ( by Debbie Hobbs for Henry Glass & Co) a fun colorful floral on black print fabric. Originally I was going to use pink as the accent color but then taking Stephanie's opinions and Willow's personality into consideration, I switched to yellow. After much sewing with Stephanie way to late into the night (like usual) we got a fun funky apron that is perfect for Willow!

I also made her a fabric card to go with it.

The best part though was seeing how much she loved it! Check out my adorable sister, Willow, modeling the crap out of the apron!

Love Ya, Willow! I hope you had a Happy Happy Birthday!

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