Saturday, August 1, 2009

Peachy Pajamas

Once upon a time I made myself a dress. It was peach with white polka dots. As I wasn't wearing this dress anymore so I decided to make it into something else. I decided to cut it down into a skirt but I didn't measure very well and the skirt was way too big for me. I still wanted to convert it into something so I decided to make it into pajamas for my daughter, Kaitlin.

Peach Pajamas

I used Butterick pattern 6659. I didn't quite have enough of the peach with polka dots to make the pajamas out of so I decided to use a piece of peach cotton to supplement but even with that I had to do some creative cutting. After I got it cut out I used what was left of the fabric to make some bias tape (that wasn't on the bias) to use for the edges. I also changed the shorts a bit. Instead of doing an elastic casing in them I just gathered them on the side. Of course, I went over to Stephanie's and she helped me sew them up!

I'm so happy with the way these turned out looking. In fact, I think I'm going to go cut this pattern out of a few more fabrics I have laying around!


  1. Super cute!! Those turned out great!

  2. I loved how these pjs turned out. The unbiased tape worked out really nice. That is what I am calling it now. Unbaised tape. Maybe we should have used the white ribbon on the bottom of the top skirt so it shows up???? Who knows??? Anyway I love it. Also picture of the back would have been nice but hey I have had a two year old...wait I currently have one! *smile*