Thursday, August 13, 2009

Strawberry Backpack

Some time ago I bought some cute vintage strawberry fabric on eBay. I bought it with the idea to make something cute for my daughter, Kaitlin, out of it because she loves strawberries! Inspired by my son starting kindergarten, I decided to make her a backpack to wear. I used the fantastic toddler backpack pattern by Made by Rae.

As usual I did it all with the help of Stephanie and her fantastic sewing skills. There aren't many sewing projects I do without her!

I'm very very happy with the pattern. The pieces ended up fitting together like a dream! Of course, most importantly of all, Kaitlin loves it!


  1. So cute!!! I need to get that pattern...

  2. What did you line it with? I have a friend that made this same backpack but hers does not stand up! Thanks :)

  3. I lined it with a very stiff sew-in interfacing. Even still after a few washings it's not staying stiff. If you really want it to stay nice and stiff then I suggest using plastic canvas or even a light weight cardboard like poster board. You could recycle and use an old cereal box, of course if you use card board it wouldn't be washable!