Monday, November 23, 2009

A Camping We Will Go

You may remember (or maybe not) back in June a made a cute felt barn toy that unfolded into a play set with lots of cute farm animals. Well now we have a cute felt box with mountains and trees...

Moose Creek Camp Box

...that unfolds into a camping playset!

Moose Creek Camp Inside

The pattern for this adorable set came from the same etsy shop that the farm set came from, Bugga Bugs. I did make a few changes. The barn was really floppy even with the heavy interfacing so this time I used plastic canvas (per my friend, Stephanie's, suggestion) and it worked like a dream! Using the plastic canvas meant I had to hand stitch the whole thing so it took a little more time but I think it was well worth it. This set went to an adorable little boy for his 1st birthday. Happy Birthday, Landon! I hope you enjoy it!