Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Kitty for Aubrey

Kitty for Aubrey

You may remember the Katy Kitty doll I made for my daughter Kaitlin for her 3rd birthday in November. Well when my niece Aubrey came for a visit at Thanksgiving she thought it was pretty nice so I decided right there and then that I would make her one for Christmas this year. I used the gray corduroy that I had leftover from Kaitlin's kitty and I was just going to use whatever I had in blue and purple from my fabric stash. I didn't quite have enough and when I went shopping for some fill in fabrics, I ended up falling in love with this great plaid fabric so I decided that's what I would use for the body. Then I found these great fabrics, Smores by Me and My Sister for Moda, that matched the plaid perfectly and using what I had went out the window just like that. Moda fabrics are somewhat of a weakness for me. I love the fabrics I end up using and I think she turned out quite wonderful. The one and only thing I would change is I would make her eyes a darker color of blue. She's quite a cute little kitty and I hope her new little mommy loves her very much!

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