Sunday, August 15, 2010

Asian Tote for Aiyana

My friend, Stephanie's, daughter, Aiyana, saw the post I did a couple months ago about the totes I made for my girls. She thought they were so neat and wanted me to make her a tote too. So yesterday I was going over to sew with Stephanie and I took some of my fabric stash with me. We had her pick out her favorite fabric and she picked out the red fabric with the gold asian characters on it. The fabric was part of a fat quarter set that I bought a really really long time ago. I've been wanting to use them for a while but just never had a project for them. We got started on the tote yesterday but had to stop because I ran out of time and I also needed more supplies to get the embroidery work done. Today I did the embroidery and applique and got the tote finished up. For the embroidery I found a site online and translated her name into chinese and then used the characters to embroider her name on the bag. I also appliqued a lady from the fabric that I used for the lining on the front.

I'm really happy that I finally found a great use for the fabrics and I think this bag turned out so cute!


  1. It turned out super cute! I really like that you did her name in the Chinese characters.

  2. had a blast brain storming/making this one with you! Can't believe how long it has taken us to start sewing again. we come!

  3. it is so cute! i'm having a great time with it!