Friday, June 18, 2010

Girly Totes

So I know I haven't sewn (or anything really) in a very very long time but last night I got a wild idea to make some matchy matchy totes for my girls. I had bought this polka dot fabric for another project that never ended up working out. I found some coordinating fabrics in my scraps bin and went to work.

Polka Dot Totes in Pink & Blue

I embroidered their names on them to add a little personalized touch. The solid blue is a little too aqua but I knew that going in. This is the problem with working with what you have. All and all I think they turned out pretty cute even if I did stay up way too late (cough, 3:30, cough) to get them done. It's all worth it though, because the girls love them and isn't that the most important part!


  1. turned out good...what did you use to line them both?

  2. I lined them with the same fabric that I used for the handles. So Kaitlin's is lined with the pink with white polka dots and Isabella's is lined with the blue with white polka dots.