Monday, June 28, 2010

Willow's Wedding Dress Part 1

Today, my mom came over and we got started on sewing my sister, Willow's, wedding dress. She wants a unique dress so it's something that has to be sewn. She will have a white strapless dress with a corset back and it will have a slit in the side with an underskirt showing. The underskirt will have layers of black lace on it. It's a really unique dress and it fits her personality very well! We are starting with the underskirt. We cut out the pieces for the underskirt the other day so today we started on the sewing of the underskirt. We started with the tulle part of the petticoat and it turned out to be quite the project.

By the afternoon we had gotten the tulle petticoat sewn together, the lining skirt sewn together and the top skirt (which the lace will go on) sewn together. We basted the lining skirt to the waist band so she can try it on and we can figure out where to hem it.

It turned out to be a longer day and we thought it would be but I think once we get the underskirt done it will go quite a bit faster. It's a very fun project for me because this is not the sort of stuff I usually sew. I'm quite excited to keep working on it and see the end project!

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