Monday, July 5, 2010

Maternity Wrap Top Part 2

Today I finished up the maternity wrap top I'm making for my sister, Laurel. The pattern is the Maternity Wrap Top by Megan Nielsen. My best friend and sewing buddy, Stephanie, came over to sew it with me. Even though it's a super duper easy pattern. It was only four steps: 1) sew the tie extensions on, 2) sew the shoulder seams and side seams, 3) sew the sleeve seams, and 4) sew the sleeves on the shirt.

Even though it was super duper easy to sew, it turned out super duper cute!

Not that you can tell from that picture. I even tried it on myself and even not being pregnant it looked cute! Maybe I should make one for me but with shorter ties. The ties are super duper long. Once again, not that you can tell from the picture. Oh well, it's one of those garments that does not in any way look good on a hanger. My sister promised a picture of her wearing it when she gets a chance and I promise I'll post it here when I get it!

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