Monday, July 26, 2010

Willow's Wedding Dress Part 2

Today, I went over to my mom's house to help work on Willow's wedding dress. My mom has been working hard on the underskirt and almost has it finished.

Today we worked on getting the dress part started. My mom had already gotten the pleating done and started on the bodice. After I got there we worked on the opening for the back. We are putting in a lace up corset style back. After we got the back opening estimated, we cut the back piece to what we needed and then put all the pieces of the dress together. Then it was ready for Willow to try on again.

The dress is coming together a lot quicker than the underskirt did! I'll be going over to my mom's again on Wednesday to get some more done. The deadline for getting it done is coming up so she's running out of time!

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