Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Willow's Wedding Dress Part 3

Today I went over to my mom's house again to help her work on Willow's wedding dress. She needs the dress in about two weeks to take her bridals so my mom is really working hard to make sure it gets done in time. We got a lot done today. When I got there my mom was finishing up the tubes for the loops and the lacing for the corset back. I got to work putting the boning on the bodice lining and then we got the lining sewed to the dress.

Then my mom started working on the loops for the corset back and I worked on getting the underskirt finished up. I had to take the skirts off the waist band so I could put the zipper in. I put the zipper in then hand sewed the skirt lining down on the inside so it would be out of the way of the zipper. Then I sewed the skirts back to the waistband and hand sewed the lining of the waistband down so it's all finished and ready to go.

Once my mom got the loops done it was time for Willow to try it on again unfortunatly that's were we took two step back because my mom has to take all the loops off and make the back opening wider. The loops are too close together and you can't really see the lacing the way it is now. Also the bodice is having fit issues that she's going to have to work out. So it was a two steps forward one step back kind of day. Unfortunatly the stuff that's left is really a one person job so there's not much I can do to help until the fit issues get resolved. :( Oh well, I guess that's the way it goes sometimes. All and all it was still a very successful day!

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