Tuesday, November 2, 2010

For Baby Sierra

My sister, Laurel, had her new baby on Saturday and I got to go visit her yesterday.  They had decided not to find out if they were having a boy or a girl before hand.   I had done a preemptive fabric shopping and bought two fabrics to use.  One for if she had a girl and one for if she had a boy.  I also bought some fabric dye and some onesies and had a lot of fun dying a bunch of different stuff.  Well on Saturday I found out that she had a beautiful baby girl and named her Sierra.  It was Halloween weekend so I was super duper busy but I squeezed in a little sewing time and managed to whip up a cute blanket and appliqued onesie for her.

For Baby Sierra

I loved this fabric and fell in love with it the second I saw it! It was so much fun to work with. The onesie I dyed dark brown and appliqued one of the pinkish purple deer on the front. For the blanket, I had a light green flannel that I dyed a darker green then appliqued on her name out of a dyed purple fabric and a cute little blue deer from the deer fabric that I used as the backing. I wanted to do more but I just plain ran out of time so don't be surprised if you see some additions to this set in the near future!  I love how this set turned out and I love love the deer fabric!  I hope that my beautiful, adorable niece enjoys her presents!  Welcome to the World, baby Sierra!

Update:  My sister sent me this picture!  Yay!

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